Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I really don't think my strengths lay in animation. Although I like looking at others work, I dislike the process. It's just not my thing. I need to improve for my major project though and it was a wake up call to how much practice I need to get in before that part of the project comes around. I feel that my strengths may lay in my originality of ideas - something I don't think really mattered to this work shop that much. I mean it's all well and fine to have an original idea, but if you can't execute this properly you'll probably fall flat on your face.

If I was to give someone advice on how to better approach the tasks we were given over last week, I'd definitely use Susannah's and Campbell's advice of getting up and actually acting out the actions yourself. It really helps you understand the way you move your body and where the strain and relief really is in your actions.

I really did enjoy this week, and it was a nice change as I don't usually animate (strange considering we are on an animation course...), but I still stand by my decision that it really isn't for me ha! Compositing for the win!

Over and Out.

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